I’m a highly skilled and experienced Director / photographer / video maker, with over 20 years experience of working in the advertising industry. Shooting for the likes of Amtico, GHD, Volvo, Subway, London Parks, The Labour Party, to shopping centres all around the UK to name a few.

Whether it is a photographic brief, a video production, or a directors role. I provide a personalised professional service, in order to turn your concept into a quality finished product.

My people skills are excellent, and i work along side a dedicated talented team, who are sympathetic to the current financial climate.

I can manage everything from the storyboard to sorting locations, to booking the crew, should the client require. My photographic skill base is a massive help when working with a crew, to directing the DOP, and lighting any situation.

When working with any editor my understanding of the advertising industry helps me to deliver the final edit bang on brief. So saving the need for the client or the creative to consistently be with us.

So whether your a production company looking for a director, to a brand, a business, or a advertising agency looking to commission a video. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require a quote or any information on how i work.